Experienced staff, practical solutions

Aspex Consulting specialises in healthcare policy, planning, program development, management, research and evaluation.

Our team brings a diversity of experience and knowledge, with most of our consultants having over 25 years working in different area of the health and human services sectors.

We listen to, and work with, our clients and their stakeholders.

We develop practical and tailored responses, because every problem needs a unique solution.

Our Experience

Service System and Program Development

  • Defining service system issues and opportunities
  • Identifying policy and service system delivery options
  • Assessing program or service system delivery structures
  • Developing implementation plans

Policy Development

  • Ensuring a system-wide view of the delivery of health or human services
  • Assessing how governments and their departments can change the policy environment to improve service delivery and integration

Financial Reviews

  • Detailed financial analysis of revenue, expenditure, capital and workforce
  • Reviewing organisational sustainability and efficiency
  • Preparing business cases

Model of Care Development

  • Assessing and developing organisational service delivery capability informed by contemporary practice across an area, service or discipline
  • Enhancing services and supporting the workforce within the organisation
  • Promoting best practice care to improve customers for patients, population groups or service systems

Program Evaluation

  • Reviewing relevant¬†policy contexts and program documentation
  • Reviewing published and unpublished literature
  • Assessment of relevant program, organisational or systems data
  • Development of program logics, indicators and measures

Strategic and Service Planning

  • Understanding / analysing the current environment of the health service / area
  • Detailed demand analysis
  • Developing a future vision and role that can be widely supported
  • Developing broader regional and sub-regional health service plans, as well as organisation-specific plans
  • Planning across all programs and service streams from acute to primacy care