Dental and community health service funding model project

The aim of this project is to develop appropriate and effective funding models for Victorian public dental and also for community health services.

The project objectives for the dental services funding model review are:

  • To undertake a ‘Consistent Price’ review;
  • To review the value of applying the Commonwealth funding model to public dental services; and
  • To develop a funding model for community dental services, including a consistent DWAU, and weightings that reflect resource impacts (such as remoteness and client complexity, inter alia).

Objectives for the community health funding model development are:

  • To undertake a comprehensive CHP costing study to develop a pricing model, including weightings that reflect complexity and associated requirements for care coordination and other aspects of best practice service model for priority clients;
  • To develop a broader funding model for the community health sector that enhances capacity to maximise integration and flexibility to deliver optimal services to people with chronic and complex needs; and
  • To identify opportunities for improving health outcomes for eligible cohorts through funding model reform.