Review and update of Palliative Care Australia reference documents

Palliative Care Australia has recently commissioned Aspex Consulting undertake an assessment and revision of two of its key reference documents:

  • A Guide to Palliative Care Service Development: A population based approach, which provides guidance for defining palliative care populations and workforce capabilities; and
  • Palliative Care Service Provision in Australia: A planning guide, which is intended to influence planning for palliative care service delivery including minimum professional staffing needs required to ensure that standards based palliative care is provided to people with life limiting illnesses in need of such care.

The review is intended to assess the evidence base and changes and innovations that have occurred in the provision of palliative care to people with a life limiting illness and  will include consideration of the range of settings in which palliative care may be provided including specialist and generalist settings.

Key elements of this project will include an assessment of the current evidence and gaps relating to existing palliative care service provision frameworks and documents in Australia and overseas. The project will also consider factors such as the nature and scope of services and populations to be covered by the reference documents and approaches to service planning and service provision.